Courtroom Confidence

Courtroom Confidence is dedicated to helping advocates and professional and expert witnesses maximise their skills when appearing in a court or tribunal. Our dedicated niche team has represented the police in some of the most high profile case in the UK.
We have direct experience of prosecuting, defending, operational policing, high stakes litigation and evidence giving. Our combined experience helps us to truly understand the challenges and demands of those in court.

The Professional and Expert Witness

All of our events have been designed to instill confidence and competence into professional and expert witnesses who may have to attend a court or tribunal to give evidence as part of their job description. All of our training and events are proactive as part of continuing staff development programmes and NOT reactive or in the context of a forthcoming matter in court.

Our combined experience includes:

  • Involvement in some of the most high profile criminal and civil cases involving the police in the UK
  • Personal experience of operational policing and giving evidence in courts and tribunals
  • Creators of the UK’s largest research project “Investigators Perceptions of Giving Evidence in Court”
  • Accredited by the College of Policing
  • Our events have been delivered to delegates from every single police force in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • We are the exclusive providers of Courtroom Skills Training to the Metropolitan Police Crime Academy and Home Office Communications Capability Development Programme

The Advocate

All of our team are current advocates and members of the UK’s largest prosecution set of Red Lion Chambers led by Max Hill QC.

We have experience of delivering advocacy and communication skills training to prosecutors, defence advocates, regulators, investigative agencies, international law firms and the International Criminal Court.

Our combined experience includes:

  • Involvement of some of the most high profile cases in the UK for example all three trials of the 21/7 failed suicide bombings in London and the 7/7 Inquest for the Metropolitan Police.
  • Members of the largest prosecution set of chambers in the UK
  • Appointed advocacy assessors for the Crown Prosecution Service
  • Accredited advocacy assessors (Advocacy Training Council)
  • Operational policing
  • Accredited by the Bar Standards Board and the Solicitors Regulation Authority
  • Board of management experience